You Know the Difference

It’s the Difference between minimal and messy. We probably don’t all “know” that difference, but it sounded good when I sang it. The lyrics lean minimal, but the music is messy, and too dense.

Appropriately, this is the closest I’ve come to creating what I heard in my head when I wrote it.

Originally, I planned to finish one song per month, but this one took all of March, and then some of April.

I cringe a little on the “here we go” part, but that hung around from when I first wrote the song. I couldn’t let go. Clutter!


Skeleton Key Part Two

So the track in that last post, Skeleton Key, sounds super shitty on any playback system besides the one down here in my recording room. I usually double-check the sound in our cars, but in the interest of quickly releasing more music, I decided to skip that step.

Now, let’s step aside and be real for a minute: this site gets two visits a day. One from me, cleaning out the spam, and one from the spambot in Moscow. So I know I’m essentially typing and streaming homemade music  into the ether here.

Still, I like my stuff to at least sound okay. I re-recorded Skeleton Key, and here is the result.

Track – All We Ever Were

This is a mid-tempo rock song in G (like Fast Friends) that ended up going much longer then I intended. I like to keep them right around 3 minutes. I tried to keep it not-dull, so hopefully it’s an enjoyable 4 minutes and change.

I also went for an old school vibe, and there is probably too much going on, but it’s easy to get carried away. It’s the first track I recorded in Presonus Studio One.

Update for thoughtlessness on my part: Cristian Cupertino helped focus the lyrics on more universal themes, and as a result the song is not at all stodgy, lyrically. Thanks man!