Another new tune courtesy of KVR’s music cafe challenge. It was supposed to be ‘simple’ and ‘real’, so it’s all in open G on guitar, and most everything is recorded in my little basement room.  

Do I Let Up

New song I wrote for the KVR music cafe monthly challenge. I don’t remember the theme at the moment, but I do know the song ends a bit too soon to abide by the three minute limit.

Someday You And I

Here’s another song I wrote for the KVR music cafe monthly thing. The theme was ‘radio’. Lyrics are here. It’s about a spy falling in love with the voice on his shortwave numbers station.

Long Night

Here’s a song I recorded for the KVR monthly song contest. It’s supposed to address one of your fears. My worst everyday fear is insomnia, so that’s what I wrote the song about. And since I wrote, recorded, and mixed it in January, I’m also entering it in the One Song One Month Challenge at Recording Revolution.  

Confidence Man – Rough Mix

Here’s my latest track. It’s in rough shape sonically, but I wanted to post it since I haven’t updated the site in months.

You Know the Difference

It’s the Difference between minimal and messy. We probably don’t all “know” that difference, but it sounded good when I sang it. The lyrics lean minimal, but the music is messy, and too dense. Appropriately, this is the closest I’ve come to creating what I heard in my head when I wrote it. Originally, I… Read More »

Skeleton Key Part Two

So the track in that last post, Skeleton Key, sounds super shitty on any playback system besides the one down here in my recording room. I usually double-check the sound in our cars, but in the interest of quickly releasing more music, I decided to skip that step. Now, let’s step aside and be real for a… Read More »

Skeleton Key

I wrote “Skeleton Key” last year, for the band I play guitar in. I recorded this demo at the time to give the guys an idea the song and its parts. So I recently remixed the demo as an excuse to slather it with effects and stuff. I also added Rush “Farewell to Kings”-era synth, and… Read More »

Track – All We Ever Were

This is a mid-tempo rock song in G (like Fast Friends) that ended up going much longer then I intended. I like to keep them right around 3 minutes. I tried to keep it not-dull, so hopefully it’s an enjoyable 4 minutes and change. I also went for an old school vibe, and there is… Read More »